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Wider Reopening

As you know, school has never really been completely closed, we have been supporting key workers and providing childcare and education throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Now we are re-opening our doors to more and more children school isn't exactly the same as it was before we had to close. Here is what we have been doing since we started opening back up.


"We play games."

"We do fun stuff here! It's better than at home!"

"I can play football outside with my friends."

"I like playing on the scooters."


"We sit outside and have a picnic and then play."

"I have done painting with my friend."

"We've made maths games and volcanoes!"

"We wash out hands and wipe down our tables a lot."


"During playtime we stay safe in our bubble..."

"I missed the teachers and my friends so much!."

"I feel good about being back at school because we wash our hands frequently during the day."

"I can learn more being at school than being at home."

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