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Fonética e leitura precoce

At George Dixon Primary School we teach phonics following Little Wandle for Letters and Sounds. We have a whole class approach to teaching phonics that allows all children to keep up with age related work; and interventions are in place for children who need a little extra help to keep up with the high expectations we plan for.

For phonics videos that you can use at home, please click here.

The phonic code is broken down into phases and our teaching takes them through it in a logical, sequential and rigorous way. Children are taught to recognise single letters making predictable sounds, then when two or three letters make a sound – alongside recognising common words that are not phonetically decodable.


Reading teaching starts as soon as children have knowledge of the basic code and we have a wide range of books in school that are matched to the children’s stage of learning. The books they take home to read are all decodable (your children should not struggle to read the books we send home!) and they should be given lots of opportunities to practice reading these books at home to further promote the work we do in school on fluency, pace and prosody. We have recently refreshed the books we use for early reading and phonics teaching, and we use the Big Cat series of books from Collins.

We use this phonics chart in school to identify letter sounds and help us when we are writing.


Ask your child what sounds they know on the chart! (How fast can they run through them all?)

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