Vision, Values & Ethos

Our ethos at George Dixon Primary School is one of excellence and enjoyment and our vision is to become the school of choice in our community.  To do this, we aim to:

  • Improve the curriculum to enrich the lives of our pupils, support our school values and generate exceptional progress.  This is underpinned by a framework with social and emotional well being at its centre.

  • Create an outstanding Early Years provision, setting our children up for future success from their variable starting points. This will include elements of continuous provision which provide ongoing opportunities for children to learn - so that several aspects of the curriculum can be learned at the same time and is designed to allow children to ‘take their time’ to learn the things that matter.

  • Develop parental engagement, building on the strong parental involvement we have currently, leading to improved outcomes for children, families and the community.  We believe relationships are important and are currently involved in a whole school project to become a more peaceful school.  Through circle times, PSHE/SMSC and taking the time to have restorative conversations, we know children will be able to do their best in their learning now and in the future. 


The children and staff have worked hard to develop our school values, which we call the 7C’s: care, commitment, courtesy, courage, consideration, cooperation and communication.  These 7C’s underpin everything we do at George Dixon Primary; they determine how we approach our learning and interact with others.  We believe that they make our school a better place to be alongside the British Values of democracy, individual liberty, tolerance, mutual respect and the rule of law.