Inspection Reports 

George Dixon Primary School went through an Ofsted inspection in November 2017 below you can find a short summary and also a link to view the full report.

Summary of key findings for parents and pupils

This is a school that requires improvement

  •  Since the previous inspection, standards in reading, writing and mathematics have declined. Standards are now rising but pupils who recently left the school were not fully prepared for learning at secondary school.

  •  Until recently, leaders and governors have not done enough to challenge shortcomings in teaching and learning.

  •  Teaching has not been informed by reliable assessment. Consequently, pupils have gaps in their knowledge and understanding. Currently, some teaching is still not pitched at the right level.

  •  The support for least-able pupils varies in its effectiveness. Middle-ability pupils have a lot a ground to cover if they are to succeed in line with their potential.

  •  There is room for continued improvement in the early years so that children are better prepared for learning in Year 1.

  •  Some pupils miss too much school without good reason and this hinders their learning.

  •  Playground behaviour, while now improving, can be overly rough at times.



The school has the following strengths

  •  School leaders have an accurate understanding of the school’s performance. They have already brought about improvements to teaching and learning.

  •  Staff are attentive to pupils’ welfare and act as positive role models.

  •  Physical education (PE) teaching is highly effective and motivates pupils to do their best in lots of ways.

  •  Pupils’ conduct in class is usually good. Good behaviour is rewarded and poor behaviour is not accepted.

  •  Procedures for keeping pupils safe at school are effective.

  •  Many of the most able pupils make good progress because they respond well to the higher expectations of current teaching.

For a full report please click the link below.

George Dixon Ofsted Report