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Our Curriculum

Our aim is for all children who attend George Dixon Primary School to achieve the highest academic standards. We welcome children from all around the world and provide a learning environment where excellent teaching and learning experiences ensure a culture of success. This, combined with our exceptional pastoral care helps us create aspirational links between the knowledge and skills we study and the world beyond the school gates. 

Our intention is that as a result of our curriculum, children become deep thinkers, keen learners and caring citizens.

To achieve that goal we have built a school curriculum that includes, and is based on, the National Curriculum. Staff have worked together to create an engaging thematic curriculum designed so children gain the skills, knowledge and understanding to achieve well and grow into responsible members of our community and citizens of our country.


We have built our curriculum around three drivers:

  • Experiences

    • giving children real life experiences, so that learning is always meaningful and always has a purpose

  • Possibilities

    • creating aspirational links between the themes and topics we study and world beyond the school gates

  • Critical Thinking

    • enabling children to objectively assess and evaluate information


Children and families come to George Dixon from across the globe, and when they leave us they will have a better understanding of Britain, who we are and our place in the world. They will also have the necessary skills in reading, writing, maths and science to be able to progress into secondary school. We immerse children in our core values of care, commitment, communication, co-operation, courage, courtesy and consideration – in the hope that they will be proud citizens; ready to make a positive contribution in the future.

Children are assessed every half term and teachers use these assessments to focus their lessons and ensure children make good progress while they are with us. The curriculum itself is assessed every year and staff evaluate and revise planning to ensure that it is always engaging, meaningful and helping the children make progress, as learners but also as citizens of the world.

For more information about each year group, please have a look at our curriculum map, have a look at the detailed progression models, or speak to your child's class teacher.

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