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At George Dixon Primary School, we are proud to welcome children from all around the world.  Our vibrant school is known in our community for being a warm and caring school where we work together with families to create an ethos of excellence and enjoyment built on a passion for learning.

We are privileged to have wonderful caring children, supportive parents, a committed governing body and a hard-working and enthusiastic staff whose efforts are underpinned by the drive to see every child achieve success in a supportive and stimulating environment.

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Please see the latest keeping in touch letter just below for more information about September.


You will have already received your Back to School Booklet, via email, but if you would like to request another copy please contact us by email and we can send you another one (they are personal to your family, so that is why we need to send it to you).


These will also be sent home so you have a paper copy on the first day of school, which is Wednesday, 2nd September. Remember, the timings of the school day have changed, please see your Back to School Booklet that was emailed to you. 

Mrs Good

The 7C's are our values: 

 Care, Commitment, Courtesy, Courage, Consideration, Cooperation & Communication

The children and staff have worked together to develop our school values, which we call the 7C’s. These underpin everything we do at George Dixon Primary; they determine how we approach our learning and interact with others. We believe that they make our school a better place to be alongside the British Values of democracy, individual liberty, tolerance, mutual respect and the rule of law.

at George Dixon Primary

We have teamed up with The Peacemakers Project to learn new techniques for resolving conflict and to create a more harmonious school community.  This is a whole school approach to conflict resolution which is ‘Restorative’ in nature - this means that both staff and children will have new ways to resolve problems, repair harm and restore relationships when they break down. The main way we will be doing this is when something goes wrong; we will ask all people involved to come together, listen to the impact of the problem on all the parties and work together to come up with some solutions. 

What happens in school:

Classes spend time together in a circle to carry out games, exercises and activities designed to develop social and emotional learning and to build a sense of community

  • Training and Coaching for staff focussing on: Conflict Resolution, Circle Time and Restorative Practices

  • Training for Lunchtime Supervisors

  • Children and staff to explore the way they cooperate with each other as part of the wider school community and gaining new insights into their behaviour

  • Awareness raising activities including information for parents, whole school creative projects and assemblies

  • The setting up of a staff ‘champion group’ to maintain and take forward this work in the school long-term

  • The setting up of a peer mediation scheme where Year 5 children are trained to help other children in the school resolve low-level conflicts in a constructive, non-violent way


We hope that the Peacemakers Project will improve the well being of staff and pupils by supporting us to build strong relationships.  This will lead to less conflict and better conflict resolution.  Ultimately, we want to have a peaceful school where we feel safe, enjoy coming to school and are committed to excellent learning.


Care, Commitment, Courtesy, Courage, Consideration, Cooperation & Communication

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